All Bright Beginnings, Inc. is an independent midwifery practice established by Diane Albright, Licensed Midwife. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible to low risk women during their pregnancy and birth. Our services are available to women in good, general health.

We view pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy event in a woman’s life. We believe that unnecessary interference in the birth process can disrupt the body’s normal function, leading to intervention-caused complications. Therefore, we embrace the role of midwife as guardian of the normal in childbirth. We believe that the birthing woman who has her physical and emotional needs met, and who is given skillful and caring support during pregnancy and birth, has the best chance for a normal and positive birth experience.

In an atmosphere of warmth, calmness, freedom of movement and nurturing support, a woman can relax and feel empowered to work with her body and her baby in the way that is best suited to her particular birth.

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